Gastric Bypass Surgery In Tijuana, Mexico With Be Slim Bariatrics

If you are overweight and diet and exercise have not helped you achieve a healthy weight, gastric bypass surgery can help you lose and maintain weight, leaving you free to do all of the things you want to in life. Gastric bypass surgery is also known as Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) and is generally considered the “Gold Standard” of bariatric surgery by experienced bariatric surgeons.

The procedure reduces the size of your stomach by forming a small pouch from your stomach, which is attached to the small intestine. As it takes less food to fill the pouch, you will feel fuller quicker and consume fewer calories. The resulting weight loss is generally between 70 and 80% of your excess weight through time — on average, you will lose around 60% of your excess weight in the first year after surgery. Gastric bypass surgery is normally performed if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over and is highly recommended if you suffer from acid reflux.


Photos of patients of Gastric Bypass Before and After

Ready to make a change for the better? Be Slim Bariatrics (BSB) offers fast-track weight loss surgery you can trust. Once approved, your procedure could be scheduled as soon as two weeks (depending on health history) from now or whenever is convenient for you within one year. We also provide affordable all-inclusive packages, saving you up to 70%. 

How Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Work?

Your stomach is divided into two parts, a smaller top portion (pouch) and a larger lower part (remnant pouch). The bypassed stomach no longer stores or digests food. When you eat, food will enter your new pouch, which is around 80% smaller than your previous stomach size. It then passes into the small intestine, bypassing the upper section. This reduces the amount of fat and calories you absorb from the foods you eat and allows for optimal weight loss lowering the chance of needing a bariatric revision in the future. However, it also reduces the vitamins and minerals you absorb from food. 

A gastric bypass works in several key ways:

Weight Loss Expectations From Gastric Bypass Surgery

Like any other weight-loss surgery procedure, the amount of weight you will lose depends on multiple factors, including diet, exercise, lifestyle, and your overall commitment. Studies show that patients who follow their nutritional plans lose up to 60% of their excess weight within the first year.

If you follow your nutritional plan, you can expect the following estimated postoperative weight loss:
As your weight decreases, your health will also likely improve. Gastric bypass surgery may improve conditions frequently associated with obesity, resulting in an overall improvement in quality of life and an increased life expectancy.

How Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Performed

On average, gastric bypass surgery takes around 90 minutes. To make sure you are comfortable and pain-free during your surgery, a general anesthetic is administered, which means you will not be conscious or aware of the procedure. If you have never had a general anesthetic, it is like going into a deep sleep, and you will wake up in a recovery area when the operation is complete.  

Gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, is safe and affordable. When you have weight loss surgery in Mexico with Be Slim Bariatrics (BSB), you’ll get top-tier medical attention like no other. In our state-of-the-art facilities and using cutting-edge technology, our experienced medical team will make sure you’re taken care of!

Our experienced board-certified surgeons will perform your gastric bypass surgery in Mexico at a fully equipped modern hospital. After surgery, you will stay in the hospital to recover for one to two nights. Prior to your discharge multiple tests and checks are performed to ensure everything has gone well.

The surgeon makes four to five small incisions on your abdomen and inserts trocars (hollow tubes) to enable surgical instruments to be used. The abdomen is inflated with CO2 gas to give the surgeon room to work while the organs are gently pushed aside.
Direction Arrows
Step 01
Your surgeon will insert a laparoscope (a probe with a camera), which is attached to a monitor to give the surgeon a complete view of your stomach. They will then insert other surgical instruments, such as a retractor to lift the liver.
Direction Arrows
Step 02
Your stomach is divided into two parts using staples — a smaller top portion (pouch) and a larger lower part (remnant pouch). The remnant pouch will no longer store or digest food.
Direction Arrows
Step 03
The small intestine is cut and reattached to the pouch, forming your “new” stomach, and a new bowel connection is formed, resembling the letter Y.
Direction Arrows
Step 04

At BSB, your safety is always our top priority. We provide a list of suggested tests to be completed before you travel. The day before your bariatric surgery in Mexico, you’ll have a series of pathology tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to check for any heart conditions. 

The BSB weight loss surgery process is carefully planned to ensure you are fit and ready for your weight loss surgery when you arrive in Mexico. Following your procedure, you will be cared for by an experienced medical team. Before being discharged, your surgeon and medical team will review your condition and perform several leak tests to ensure the procedure has gone as planned. 

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality care here; it truly is equal to or better than what would be provided back home stateside. 

To make it as easy as possible for you to access bariatric surgery, we can assist you with financing options to spread the cost of your procedure. Don’t wait to find out if you are eligible — start your journey today to a healthier, happier you.





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