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Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, with Be Slim Bariatrics (BSB), is a safe and affordable option for weight loss. At BSB, we ensure that you will receive exceptional care and that your medical needs are taken care of. Our experienced board-certified surgeons specialize in weight loss surgery, and your procedure will take place in a fully equipped, modern hospital. 

Plus, you will recover with support from an experienced medical team and an on-site nutritionist. Make sure you get the best treatment for your health journey by choosing weight loss surgery in Mexico with BSB.

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How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

Gastric sleeve surgery — also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) — is a bariatric weight loss procedure that reduces the size of the stomach by approximately 80% and reshapes it into a tube-like structure that resembles a banana. Not only does this mean you will feel full after consuming less food, but gastric sleeve surgery also limits the absorption of dietary fat and calories from food. Gastric sleeve surgery works in a few different ways:

Obesity can be a real struggle, keeping you from doing what you want to do and jeopardizing your health. Diets and exercise programs are not always enough, and if they haven’t been effective for you so far, gastric sleeve surgery might be the solution!

Gastric Sleeve SurgeryThis minimally invasive procedure removes almost 80% of your stomach, so you feel full faster and absorb fewer calories from your food. Gastric sleeve surgery also removes the part of your stomach responsible for producing ghrelin (the hormone that makes you hungry), giving you back control of your appetite and reducing your hunger pangs.

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over, gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico provides a lasting solution that can end your struggle to maintain a healthy weight. 

Use our BMI calculator and start your weight loss journey today.

Ready to take control of your life and schedule weight loss surgery you can trust? Once you have been approved, you can typically schedule your surgery in as soon as 14 days or up to one year out.* You can save 70% with our all-in inclusive and affordable packages.

*Dependent upon health history and current BMI

Weight Loss Expectations From Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Typically, you can expect to lose approximately 60% of your excess weight within one year after your gastric sleeve procedure. You are expected to continue losing weight up until 18-24 months post-op. Keep in mind, weight loss isn’t the only benefit of bariatric weight loss surgery. More importantly, you can avoid or reverse the numerous health hazards associated with obesity.

Research into improvements in obesity-related health conditions following gastric sleeve surgery indicates:

How Gastric Sleeve Surgery Is Performed

Rest assured that your procedure will be as pain-free and comfortable as possible! You’ll be given a general anesthetic, which makes the experience seem like taking a long, deep nap. You won’t feel any discomfort during the operation and once complete, you will simply wake up in recovery.

BSB’s experienced surgeons perform all gastric sleeve surgery laparoscopically (without making large incisions), and normally, surgery is complete within 60 to 90 minutes.

Your surgeon will make one to five tiny incisions in your stomach and insert trocars (hollow tubes) to accommodate surgical instruments. They will then pump CO2 gas into your stomach to provide more space for the surgeon to work.
Direction Arrows
Step 01
Your surgeon will insert a laparoscope (a probe with a tiny camera) into your stomach. This is attached to a display monitor, which enables the surgeon to see your stomach clearly while performing the surgery.
Direction Arrows
Step 02
The surgeon removes approximately 80% of your stomach and fuses the remaining section using surgical staples. Your “new stomach” will look like a single banana-shaped vertical tube.
Direction Arrows
Step 03
Your surgeon will place a drain in the abdominal cavity to detect early leakage before stitching the external incisions with dissolvable sutures. The drain will be removed before you are discharged from the hospital.
Direction Arrows
Step 04

At BSB, your health and safety are of the utmost importance, which is why we provide a comprehensive list of pathology tests for you to complete before you depart for your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. You will arrive the day before your bariatric surgery and have pathology tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) to ensure you are fit for surgery. 

Our weight loss surgery patient process guarantees you’ll be comfortable and prepared when it’s time for your surgery. After your procedure, an experienced medical team will attend to all your post-operative needs, including running several leak tests before they safely discharge you. 

You won’t have anything but peace of mind while being taken care of at BSB. We guarantee top-quality care equal to or better than what is offered here in the U.S.!

Our financing options make bariatric surgery simple and accessible, so there is no need to delay your weight loss journey any longer.



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