Bariatric Surgeons

To provide the most optimal care to Be Slim Bariatric (BSB) patients, we hand select bariatric surgeons who have demonstrated a commitment to patient safety. Be Slim Bariatrics’ surgical network is composed of some of the most sought-after bariatric surgeons in all of Mexico.

Our surgeon’s number one priority is patient safety, this is evident with their high success rates in regards to weight loss and low complications rates during surgery, keeping you safe through each step of the process.

Dr. Omar Paipilla

Dr. Omar Paipilla is a board-certified surgeon with over 21 years of experience. Dr. Omar Paipilla is a founding partner of the Mexican College for Obesity Surgery. Also, Dr. Omar Paipilla is the founder and medical director at the Tijuana Medical Specialties Unit (UNEME).

The Tijuana Medical Specialties Unit is a treatment and training center for surgeons in laparoscopic digestive and gynecological surgery.

In September 2020, Dr. Paipilla began activities as medical director of the Bariatric Center of the Northern Border, an exclusive surgical center for patients with obesity problems. Dr. Paipilla received his medical degree from the Xochicalco University Studies Center.

Dr. Paipilla is bariatric board-certified and with additional credentials including but not limited to:

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez

Dr. Carols Rodriguez is a board-certified bariatric surgeon with many years of experience. His level of care for his patients and surgical skills has achieved him a high rate of weight loss success while keeping a low complication rate.

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez of Tijuana is experienced in vascular surgery, trauma surgery, gastrointestinal and colon surgery with rotations in laparoscopy surgery.

Always looking to provide the best result, care, and safety for his patients, this amazing bariatric surgeon will help you succeed in your weight loss journey.


Dr. Carlos Rodriguez is bariatric board-certified and with additional credentials including but not limited to:

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