Ciba Hospital in Tijuana

CIBA Hospital, nestled in the heart of Tijuana and a stone’s throw from the San Diego border, stands as a beacon of medical excellence. At CIBA Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to our patients, supported by the latest in modern technology, premier facilities, and a team of medical professionals renowned for their expertise. Our commitment ensures a secure, accessible, and comforting environment for your bariatric journey.

Patients under the care of Be Slim Bariatrics will encounter a level of service on par with what they would expect from a hospital in the United States, reflecting our dedication to your health and well-being.

Be Slim Bariatrics Ciba facilities
Ciba Shared Room

be slim bariatrics Facilities and Equipment

Dreams Hospital in Tijuana

Dreams Hospital is a new hospital in Tijuana, located just south of the San Diego border. Dreams Hospital is committed to providing excellent care to our patients, equipped with modern technology, world-class facilities, and experienced medical staff which guarantee a safe, convenient, and comfortable place for your bariatric treatment.

Patients with Be Slim Bariatrics can expect the same kind of service they would receive at a United States hospital. 

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Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza Casino of Tjuana

Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza Casino

Be Slim Bariatrics facilities has patient safety and comfort in mind. Our commitment to you is to provide you the most convenient and highest level of safety possible during your stay in Tijuana. That’s why we have partnered with the Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino to make your stay safe and comfortable before and after your weight loss surgery.

Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino is strategically located in the business district of Tijuana and is just a few minute’s drive south of the San Diego Border. This top-rated hotel is located in the city center, which makes restaurants, market, and commercial center easily accessible. Most importantly, Hotel Pueblo Amigo Plaza & Casino conforms to COVID – 19 protocols to protect patients and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

With its cleanliness and safety practices, accommodation, and property amenities, Be Slim Bariatrics’ patients are provided a luxurious, and safe, hotel experience.

Be Slim Bariatrics Facilities Hotel Pueblo Amigo Outside

Given the rapid changes that occur in healthcare, it is vital to keep best practice care guidelines up to date to achieve the best possible outcomes. That’s why Hospital CIBA adheres to COVID – 19 protocols to protect patients and hospital staff, and help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Be Slim Bariatrics prioritizes the safety and comfort of our patients. That’s why we provide a hospital that will offer you the greatest level of bariatric excellence you deserve.

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