Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery with Health & Wellness Bazaar

Be Slim Bariatrics has partnered with Health & Wellness Bazaar for your cosmetic surgery needs. Health & Wellness Bazaar (HWBazaar,) stands as a distinguished network of Board-Certified doctors proficient in English, and strategically located in Tijuana, Mexico. 

At HWBazaar, their unwavering commitment to safety and quality takes precedence. Expect the following from the team:

  • Provider network featuring elite Board-Certified doctors with exceptional international training and track records
  • In-house Physician Advisory Committee responsible for meticulous medical provider vetting, development of patient service protocols, and rigorous oversight of quality management programs
  • Comprehensive review of patient medical records by our doctors, along with cost-free teleconsultations for diagnostic confirmation and treatment planning
  • All-inclusive Medical Tourism Packages encompassing medical treatment costs, transportation on-site, comprehensive patient management, and personalized post-treatment follow-up
  • Dedicated guidance from thier experienced team throughout your medical vacation planning and logistical coordination
  • Detailed post-treatment instructions from our medical team to ensure a successful recovery, with continuous follow-up to monitor your progress
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