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Is Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico Safe?

Mexico provides cost-effective medical care, including bariatric surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental, orthopedic,and other primary healthcare procedures. The number of patients who find Mexico to be a safe, affordable, and high-quality location for their medical procedures is a direct result in the rapid growth of medical travel services in Mexico.

Medical travel is not a new concept. Many people worldwide seek medical travel for many reasons: higher quality medical care, healthcare costs, insurance eligibility, co-pay cost, long wait times in their home region, to name a few.  As healthcare costs are on the rise in the United States, Americans are seeking affordable options regarding medical care, with this in mind; more people are forced to search for other healthcare options outside of their standard insurance offerings. Even with insurance, many people find that they can travel to Mexico for the medical services they need at a fraction of the cost, in some cases 40 to 60 percent less than that of the United States.

We uncovered cost as an issue for some; long wait times are a problem for even more people getting the medical support needed. Many Americans and Canadians have complaints about wait times just to get an appointment to see a doctor, let alone to receive the medical services they need, like weight loss surgery or dental services.

Why Tijuana, Mexico?

The most common city that Americans and Canadians travel to for healthcare is Tijuana because of its proximity. Medical Travel is not limited to those in the United States and Canada. People travel to Tijuana worldwide as flights are relatively inexpensive, and travel is more accessible than before.

Location is ideal, and ease of crossing the Tijuana border are just a few reasons people choose Tijuana. Millions of people travel to Tijuana because of the modern amenities and quality hospitals. Medical providers in Tijuana have excellent training in their medical field and have access to state-of-the-art equipment. Medical providers in Tijuana are set up to offer quality and efficient medical care and can do so without long wait times.

For all of these reasons, people are choosing Tijuana for their health care needs. Please don’t take it from us.

Hear from Be Slim Bariatrics’ Patients:

“I had surgery at Hospital Ciba with Dr. Miguel Navarro on October 1st. Everything was amazing from the drivers, hotel, facility, nurses and doctors. The physicians spoke very good English. A couple of the nurses did not speak as much English but they had apps on their phones to translate, so there was no issue. All the medications were scheduled, I was never waiting for anything. I think I only had to push my call button one time and my nurse responded in seconds. Dr Navarro as well as the other doctors that provided my care were so respectful and knowledgeable. The hospital was very clean. I know a concern people have is safety in Tijuana, there was never a time where I or my companion felt unsafe. My surgery went great. I normally wake up from anesthesia sick and vomiting, but not this time. I woke up and felt fine! This was a great experience that I don’t think would have been as good if I had had it done in the states. Everything has been great with my recovery. My incisions are healed with minimal scarring. I am a RN here in the states and I can honestly say we need to step our game up!” Kayla W.

“I have been in the medical field for many years and comparing the level of care from here in the USA to Tijuana, I’m being so honest the care is 10x better in Tijuana! They go over and beyond to make sure you are comfortable. I was so pleased with the way they treated me, the care, and most of all, I was very comfortable. I missed them after I was discharged. 🥰🥰“ – B.B.

“I thought the level of care was BETTER than in the states“ – J.N.

“Honestly all of my research showed that this is one of the best places to have surgery like this because they do them so frequently that the statistics are pretty accurate with very low rates of complications. Also my husband had his in the states and it was the worst experience at our local hospital. I had mine there in February and I had the best experience“  – M.T

“I agree way better than any hospital I have ever been to.“ – T.K

“Been denied 2 times by insurance company and am looking into self pay and finding it to be 30k in Michigan.“ – J.D

“The hospital staff and Dr Navarro were awesome.“ – J.H

“Yes It was amazing. Never was I nervous. Great Doctor , staff, nurses, coordinators. Drivers. I cant say enough about my experience.“  – M.W

“I have been in Mexico deeper southern and went to the hospital after a car accident as their car is much more better than the care I receive most of the times in the USA.. For some reason the doctors and nurses feel more like they care about you and your body healing. It maybe just their culture. I never had a nurse or a doctor that seemed like they were tired or stressed about their job. This is why I chose to go to Tijuana along with the cost. I know I will be taken good care of. I am going in November and I can’t wait! “Mexico” is a big “taboo” for a lot of Americans don’t let that stop you from getting the best care for you! You got this!!“ – V.Q

“It’s amazing! Very clean, small patient to nurse ratio, and it’s really calm and quiet. I have no complaints at all. Dr. Navarro and staff were wonderful.“ – S.W

“I felt like I was more taken care of there than I ever have been in a hospital in the states. I’m a nurse here, which almost makes me angry because I feel like we are failing in some levels. Amazing experience.“ – K.W

“The whole medical team was fantastic! I was extremely nervous right before I went into my surgery and dr. Martinez himself came in and sat across from me in my room and talked me through the whole procedure and listened to my concerns and by the time I went under I was so at easy because I knew exactly what they would be doing, how long my fiance would be waiting for me in my room, and what to expect post op.“ – N.H

“I feel like you don’t get the crappy attitude from medical staff in Mexico that some healthcare workers in the states have. My experience was excellent. Definitely recommend Dr Miguel Navarro!“  – T.W

“I was treated amazingly and had the best care at Hospital Ciba. I was attended to constantly and never needed anything because they were so on top of everything. The facility is very clean and the staff goes above and beyond to provide proper care.“ – V.M

“My honest opinion, I just had surgery there last week and they have better quality service there than most do here in the US“ – A.H

“The care was comparable or better in all aspects. I didn’t get nervous at all. The facility was cleaner than I’ve seen hospitals in the states. They stayed on top of med schedules (I’ve had to remind hospitals in the states that it’s way past time for more pain meds). They were friendly etc.“ – R.P

*See these real reviews in Be Slim Bariatrics’ private facebook group for patients by filling out a health form and joining via facebook. 

What Are Medical Travelers Most Concerned With?

  • Friends, family or co-workers might think you are crazy 
  • The recommended doctor might not be the best one
  • The recommended hospital will not be up to the quality standards you are used to 
  • The price I’m quoted may change (no hidden fees here)
  • Concerned that the country I am traveling to may be unsafe.
  • How reputable is this organization? (United States Corporation and Medical Tourism Association Member (MTA) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation here)

Has this article addressed your concerns about weight loss surgery being safe in Tijuana? Have these reviews made you feel it is a safe place to travel for bariatrics surgery after all? Great! Fill out our health form to see what weight loss surgery you qualify for today!


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