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What Is a Two-Week Pre-bariatric Surgery Diet?

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, a pre-bariatric surgery diet will likely be recommended. You may be advised to follow it for a number of weeks or months if you have a very high BMI or health issues.  However, regardless of your BMI or health, you will typically be advised to switch to a liquid-based diet for one to three weeks before your surgery. 

The most common duration is a two-week pre-bariatric surgery diet. This two-week liquid-based diet plays a major role in reducing your liver size. A smaller liver makes it easier for the surgeon to access the stomach during your bariatric surgery, helping to avoid prolonged operation times and reducing bariatric surgical risks.

In addition to shrinking your liver, following a two-week pre-surgery bariatric diet significantly reduces daily calorie intake. Protein shakes and meal replacement shakes will normally make up the majority of your nutritional intake, which will be high in protein and other essential nutrients that are critical for healing and can help to decrease the potential for post-surgical complications. 

What to Expect from a Two-Week Pre-bariatric Surgery Diet?

At Be Slim Bariatrics (BSB), we know you may wonder how you will cope with a strict two-week pre-bariatric surgery diet. We understand you might be feeling apprehensive and even concerned you won’t be able to stick with your diet plan. 

Understanding what to expect and preparing yourself mentally can make it a little easier to get through the first three to four days, which are typically the hardest. Here are a few things to keep in mind when on your two-week pre-surgery diet:

  • Your body will adapt to the plan after three to four days, and most people tell us they feel considerably less hungry than expected. However, if you try to “cheat” and eat even a very small amount of a food group that is not on your plan or consume more of a certain food group or more protein and meal replacement shakes than specified, your appetite will be far less likely to reduce. 
  • If you break your pre-bariatric surgery diet plan once, you will likely do it again or give up altogether. Sticking to your plan will help to give you a sense of achievement and strength, boosting your determination to get through your hunger pangs or cravings because you are so close to leading a lighter and more fulfilling life.  
  • Be aware that for the first few days, your body might produce an unpleasant smell; you might have smelly breath and urine and experience thirst and a faint metallic taste in your mouth. Don’t worry; this is all normal and caused by ketones, which are created when your body breaks down fat during a metabolic state called ketosis
  • Ketosis can easily be disrupted by eating the wrong foods. This can happen quickly, so sticking precisely to the food options on your two-week pre-bariatric surgery diet guidelines is crucial! But remember, what you’re doing is tough, and it’s totally normal to have slip-ups. The important thing is to dust yourself off, shake it off, and return to your nutrition program as soon as possible.
  • Don’t let one mistake become a reason to give up altogether. Show yourself some kindness. The key is to get back on track and continue to stick to your pre-bariatric surgery diet plan. Don’t let a moment of weakness become an excuse to give up entirely. You’ve got this!

Remember, the pre-surgery diet is key to a successful outcome after bariatric surgery and improved overall health after your procedure. 

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 So take the first step today. 


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